Women Matter: Cover Everyone

Exciting news!

Today we’re announcing a bill to guarantee that all health insurance policies sold in Washington cover abortion, just as they cover maternity care.

This bill is about fairness, equity and choice. With everyone being required to buy insurance as the federal health care reform law takes effect, we want to make sure all insurance policies provide abortion coverage.

Anti-choice politicians in Congress tried to undermine the health care reform law, or the Affordable Care Act, by inserting a provision to roll back the reproductive health care protections that states like Washington value. But since Washington voters have repeatedly affirmed a woman’s right to choose, this legislation will ensure the federal government provision does not take that right away.

It’s simple, really. If an insurance plan covers maternity care as a pregnancy option, it should also cover abortion care.

(Please direct any press inquiries to Alison Mondi with NARAL Pro-Choice Washington at 206.624.1990 and Sara Kiesler at 206.861.7514)