Candidate Endorsements

2016 Election Endorsements


Check out Washington’s August primary results!


Jay Inslee, Governor
Tina Podlodowski, Secretary of State
Marko Liias, State Treasurer
Jeff Sprung, State Auditor
Bob Ferguson, Attorney General
Mike Kreidler, Insurance Commissioner

State Senate

Senate District 1: Luis Moscoso
Senate District 3: Andy Billig
Senate District 5: Mark Mullet
Senate District 10: Angie Homola
Senate District 11: Bob Hasegawa
Senate District 17: Tim Probst (Recommendation)
Senate District 22: Sam Hunt
Senate District 23: Christine Rolfes
Senate District 24: Kevin Van De Wege
Senate District 27: Jeannie Darneille
Senate District 28: Marisa Peloquin
Senate District 40: Kevin Ranker
Senate District 41: Lisa Wellman
Senate District 49: Annette Cleveland

State House of Representatives

House District 1: Derek Stanford Pos. 1
House District 2: Amy Pivetta Hoffman Pos. 1
House District 3: Marcus Riccelli Pos. 1
House District 5: Jason Ritchie Pos. 1
House District 6: Lynnette Vehrs Pos. 1
House District 9: Jennifer Goulet Pos. 1
House District 11: Zack Hudgins 11th, Pos. 1
House District 19: Teresa Purcell Pos. 1, Brian Blake Pos. 2
House District 21: Strom Peterson Pos. 1, Lillian Ortiz-Self Pos. 2
House District 22: Beth Doglio Pos. 2
House District 23: Sherry Appleton Pos. 1, Drew Hansen Pos. 2
House District 24: Steve Tharinger Pos. 2
House District 25: Jamie Smith Pos. 1, Michelle Chatterton Pos. 2
House District 26: Larry Seaquist Pos. 1
House District 27: Laurie Jinkins Pos. 1
House District 28: Mari Leavitt Pos. 1, Christine Kilduff Pos. 2
House District 29: David Sawyer Pos. 1, Steve Kirby Pos. 2
House District 30: Mike Pellicciotti Pos. 1, Kristine Reeves Pos. 2
House District 32: Ruth Kagi Pos. 2
House District 33: Tina Orwall Pos. 1, Mia Gregerson Pos. 2
House District 34: Joe Fitzgibbon Pos. 2
House District 36: Gael Tarleton Pos. 2
House District 38: June Robinson Pos. 1, Mike Sells Pos. 2
House District 39: Linda Wright Pos. 1
House District 40: Kristine Lytton Pos. 1
House District 41: Tana Senn Pos. 1, Judy Clibborn Pos. 2
House District 42: Sharlaine LaClair Pos. 1
House District 43: Frank Chopp Pos. 2
House District 44: John Lovick Pos. 1, Katrina Ondracek Pos. 2
House District 45: Roger Goodman Pos. 1, Larry Springer Pos. 2
House District 46: Gerry Pollet Pos. 1, Jessyn Farrell Pos. 2
House District 47: Pat Sullivan Pos. 2
House District 49: Sharon Wylie Pos. 1, Monica Stonier and Alishia Topper Pos. 2


Rick Talbert, County Executive, Pierce
Candace Mumm, County Commissioner District 1, Spokane


Check out Hawaii’s August primary results!

State Senate

Senate District 1: Russell Ruderman
Senate District 9: Stanley Chang
Senate District 13: Karl Rhoads, Kim Coco Iwamoto
Senate District 14: Carl Campagna
Senate District 25: Laura Thielen

State House of Representatives

House District 3: Richard Onishi
House District 6: Nicole Lowen
House District 11: Kaniela Ing
House District 12: Tiare Lawrence
House District 13: Lynn DeCoite
House District 14: Nadine Nakamura
House District 17: Karlen Ross
House District 23: Dale Kobayashi
House District 24: Della Belatti
House District 26: Marilyn Lee
House District 29: Val Dionne
House District 26: Marilyn Lee
House District 33: Tracy Arakaki
House District 40: Randy Gonce
House District 41: Matt LoPresti
House District 49: Patrick Shea
House District 50: Cynthia Thielen


Kirk Caldwell, Mayor, Honolulu


7 thoughts on “Candidate Endorsements

  1. I really wish something could be done to get rid of Cathy McMorris-Rogers and some of the other do nothing Republicans that dominate Walla Walla County, but I take it that this is one of the “safe” or gerrymandered areas and I will have to look at her standing behind other supposed “leadership” for photo ops and doing nothing else. I never get affirmative responses from her on any emails that I send on issues I am concerned about and believe she is not representing me or others that believe as I do, but no serious competition has been mounted against her in the 14 years I have lived here. I am hopeful, given her stance on Planned Parenthood, that something can be done in the future to take her out with a viable Democratic replacement.

  2. Thanks so much for your list. There are so many people running this time. I want good people in these positions who care about women.

  3. Please cast your vote for those that are defending women’s right to make their own health decisions. Those decisions are personal and do not belong in any political arena.

  4. Thanks for the voting guide, but listing Jay Inslee as a choice may be presumptuous. If he backs Hillary for the presidential nomination, he will not get my vote. Also, he is supporting the TPP. These are signs pointing to DNC leadership, which is now polluted and no longer represents the working class, or for that matter, the people in general. This applies to all District 10 representatives, Patty Murray, Rick Larsen, and Maria Cantwell (not up for reelection until next cycle).

  5. Washington state must be a leader in expanding access to life-saving reproductive health services and not follow the dangerous paths of Ohio, Indiana, or Louisiana. Women and families are not political bargaining chips.

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